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Tax Preparation


Taxes. Can’t live with them or without. At our firm, we attempt to provide local Southern California individuals and businesses the absolute best chance at utilizing all 73,954 pages of the tax code to their advantage. In addition to preparing and e-filing your return, we also can help you be proactive before April 15 through strategy consultation and financial analysis, helping you to make wise decisions.


"The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets."  - Will Rogers

Our Tax Services include...

  • Individual Tax Returns

    • Individual Tax Planning and Preparation

    • Out of State Returns

    • Non-Resident Returns

    • Retirement Planning

    • Prior Year Return Review and/or Preparation 

  • Business Tax Returns

    • Business Tax Planning and Preparation

    • Business Entity Consultation 

    • Business Start-Up Consultation

    • Partnerships

    • C Corporations/S Corporations

    • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

    • Non-Profit Business Returns

  • Fiduciary Returns

    • Estate Returns

    • Gift Tax Returns

    • Trust Tax Returns

  • Free Electronic Filing

  • Audit Representation*

  • Consultation




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