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Whether you’re a small “Mom and Pop” business or a multi-billion dollar global corporation, you depend on accurate financial information in your day to day decision making, long-term planning, and goal attainment. Our mission is to provide SoCal businesses with these Accounting Services in order to help them not just keep clear of the cliffs, but also to navigate towards their success. 




Getting Ready to have your taxes prepared? 

Now it is time to gather your paperwork and get ready for that marathon known as completing your tax return.

Both Federal and California have made a lot of changes again this year. But having a professional help you every step of the way, from knowing what questions to ask to filing it electronically for you, makes the process much easier and smoother.

Property Management


Our association / community management service can take the stress of your hands.

With our aggressive prices and low overhead we can compete with any management company out there.



Personalized service is our specialty! 

We will do everything in our power to service your account efficiently and accurately. 

We can take care of your Workers Compensation reports and audits in addition to the other reports that are required of employers.  Our office provides bookkeeping and income tax service for those of you interested in having all of your business records taken care of at one place. 


Audit Help


If you receive an audit letter from your taxing agency don't panic - let us handle it.

Medical Billing


With over 12 years of experince, we will be happy to handle all your medical billing needs offsite. Call us for more details



We take into account that planning and bookkeeping is effective cash flow management. Our record-keeping process already comes with controls in place to ease the transfer of your record-keeping processes to us. Detecting errors and fraud as well as safeguarding assets serves as your first line of defense. Our experience and background will quickly identify key areas in which controls are needed - and help you implement them. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a shoe box, gather your paperwork, drop it off with us, and pick it up with simple and easy-to-read reports. It's that easy!

Medical Billing
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