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Bookkeeping Service


Bookkeeping is one of the most essential duties a small business faces in order to remain compliant with the IRS as well as sound financial management strategies. But at the end of the day, it’s probably the last thing on your mind needing done. That’s why our affordable Bookkeeping Services help local Southern California businesses delegate that to us enabling them to reinvest that time back into their business. Our plans are comprehensive enough to facilitate your needs, yet priced to meet your budget. When you consider the alternatives to either do it yourself or hire part-time staff, you can’t afford not to outsource it.

Our Bookkeeping Services include...
  • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting

  • Balance Sheet

  • Profit & Loss Statements

  • Prior-year Profit & Loss Comparison

  • Budget Analysis

  • Bank Reconciliations

  • Sales Tax Reports

  • Business Property Tax Report

  • 1099 Preparation


  The benefits to outsourcing bookkeeping are...


  • Reduced overhead

  • Avoiding capital expenses

  • Improving efficiency

  • Getting access to specialized skills

  • Saving on training costs and other payroll costs

  • Avoiding the costs of chasing technology

  • Minimize problems and maximize change

  • Financial reporting analysis

  • Cash flow analysis


Can you afford NOT having a professional bookkeeper?

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