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Property Management: 



  • Make arrangements for maintenance activities as shall be deemed necessary.

  • Furnish Board members with the latest in community association operational information.

  • Solicit bids for special programs/contract services and implement and supervise the completion of such programs; reporting the progress of the same to the Board as required.

  • Receive, advise and process work order requests by Homeowners per guidelines laid out by the Association.

  • Prescribe long-range maintenance programs and provide input to the Board as to alternative programs for solution to specific problems.

  • Respond to homeowner and external inquiries during normal business hours via telephone, mail, and or e-mail in a timely manner.

  • Respond to emergency requests 24 hours per day, 7days per week by telephone during business hours and emergency phone during nights, weekends, and holidays.

  • Visit property as necessary as may be required to meet with homeowners or vendors and to make determinations about the physical state of the property.




  • Perform administrative record keeping

  • Maintain communication and correspondence with Property Managers

  • Review and assist with the placement of insurance. At the direction of the Board, obtain premium quotations for such insurance as shall be deemed necessary.

  • Assist in development of and enforcement of property rules and regulations.

  • Research property improvement programs for discussion with property owners and/or Board of directors.

  • Provide input to the Board as to changes in State and Federal HOA Laws and rules.

  • Attend all schedule meetings of the Board of Directors or Homeowners per contract.

  • Prepare and file on behalf of the Association, all legal reports required under Federal and state Law.

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